DASCOM to Unveil 2 New Smart Card Printers in Las Vegas

If you’ll be attending ISC West in Las Vegas April 10-13, then you’ll want to check out a private showing of several new smart card printers from DASCOM.

Steve DiMartino, Director of Business Development & Sales for the DASCOM Smart Card Division will be hosting a private showing at The Venetian.

Several new models will be on display and potential resellers for the new products will be selectively invited to attend and learn about the products, pricing, and programs.

Contact Steve DiMartino at sdimartino@dascom.com for more information or to book a viewing slot.

The new models promise to offer high value, durability, and significant selling advantages over competing models.

If you’re using a line matrix printer, DASCOM may be able to help cut your maintenance costs.

If your printer maintenance costs are getting out of hand, the folks at DASCOM Americas can help.

Right now DASCOM heavy duty serial impact printers have a great rebate that can save you money upfront, but the units may also be able to take the place of your low end line printer so your maintenance costs should be a lot more affordable.

If you find that your print volume is not as great as it once may have been, consider the Tally T2380 from DASCOM.  It’s rated at close to 50,000 pages per month in print duty cycle.  You can enjoy exceptional forms handling, high speed printing, and excellent support at what might be the fraction of the cost of a line printer.

Contact DASCOM at 877.434.1377 to find a distributor in your area and to set up a trial run to see if the high volume T2380 or another serial impact printer might be right for your specific print needs.

You may just cut your printing costs in half!

If you need a new printer, DASCOM can help.

The folks over at DASCOM know that printers seem to pick the worst possible times to fail you.  It always seems like you are in a crunch to print reports or some important documentation when the dreaded printer failure occurs.

That’s why DASCOM Americas has a network of distribution channel partners throughout the Americas who are not only experienced, but poised and ready to get you back up and running.

They have products available that can, in most instances, same day ship so you aren’t left waiting and wondering when or how you will be able to get your printing back to normal operations.

DASCOM Americas also continues to invest in new printers and technology so that the company has replacements for many discontinued models of printers that will easily fit into the framework of your IT infrastructure.

DASCOM Americas also provides pre and post-sale support.  The company jumps in and helps clients and works in partnership with our distribution channel, making sure that customers get the monkey off their backs and get back up and running quickly, economically, and efficiently.

If your business depends on mission critical printing to get the job done, consider the broad line of products and expertise available today from DASCOM and its network of distribution channel partners.

Is it time to downsize that Line Matrix Printer? Serial Printers can be a very affordable option.

In talking to the folks over at DASCOM one thing becomes very clear.  These people understand that the printer market is certainly changing.

While they are quick to point out that impact printing remains a very relevant and cost effective method of printing forms such as bills of lading, invoices, shipping manifests, and more, they are also quick to acknowledge that in general, people are printing less.  So what does this mean for DASCOM?

Actually the people in the know at DASCOM believe that the shift in less printing might be something that is an advantage to them at least for the foreseeable future.  They believe that the cost-effectiveness and functionality of serial impact printing means it will be around for a long, long time, and is poised in many cases to actually take the place in some instances for line printing.

Line Printers are large, heavy duty, and very fast printers that are able to handle multiple types of forms with an overall very low total cost of ownership.  The drawback to such Line Printers however, is that the initial upfront purchase price is really high in comparison to high end Serial Impact Printers.  The Line Printers also are very expensive to maintain since their service contracts are generally very high priced relative to Serial Printers.  And, the cost of Line Printer Consumables continues to rise.  Each year for the past few years some of the purported leaders in Line Printer field have raised their cost of ribbons.  What this translates to for the consumer is a higher cost.

The folks at DASCOM acknowledge that Line Printers certainly have a viable place in printing, but now, with more people actually printing less, the time might be right for some of the current Line Printer users to migrate to Serial Impact Printers from DASCOM.

DASCOM offers high speed, rugged printers with select models that can print up to 9 part forms, some that can print up to 50,000 pages per month, and some that have available exceptional options such as IGP and IPDS that many people might think are available only on more expensive line models.

And while this shift in printing trends might make one think that laser printers could be a way to go, DASCOM is quick to point out that lasers have real functional liabilities when attempting to print in a forms environment.  Toner is costly and generally many types of form printing just can’t occur with lasers.

So, the changing landscape of less printing might actually be a good thing for a period of time for folks such as DASCOM who make a lot of their living on high speed, high end Serial Printers.

For end users it can also be a very good time to evaluate their printing needs.  They can perhaps shift to a technology that gives them exceptional forms printing and management without a large upfront investment.  This is especially true when people such as DASCOM offer aggressive rebate programs.

For more on these programs and printers, visit www.dascomamericas.com to get the latest information.

Hurry! Special Trade-in Offers Ending 12/29/17

The braintrust at DASCOM Americas tells us that perhaps there has never been a better time to upgrade your old printer with a top of the line serial impact printer. As they tell us, it is almost like the perfect storm for many in the market being driven by events like these:

Many customers seem to have been left with no availability of consumables for select printer models such as the GENICOM 3800 series of printers since the manufacturer abruptly discontinued their production.

The IBM printer marketplace has limited offerings in serial impact dot matrix printing since several years back IBM/InfoPrint decided to get out of this space, leaving many wondering where to turn next when time to upgrade their printers.

Line matrix printing, like many areas of printing, seems to be declining.  Customers are finding that it is perhaps no longer necessary to have a big, expensive line printer with big, expensive annual maintenance costs since they are printing less.

What this means for customers is perhaps less choices, but DASCOM says it stands ready to fill the void.

It also mentions that between now and December 29, 2017 there is still time to take advantage of a $150 trade-in rebate when a customer purchases a new T2365, T2380, 4347-i08, or 4347-i10 from DASCOM.

This rebate is direct from DASCOM and provides value for old working or not working units that a customer may have, but most importantly, the replacement printer provides an avenue to continue print operations in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

For more information or to find a distributor for the products, contact DASCOM at 877.434.1377.

Take a serious look at the Tally 4347-i Series from DASCOM

If you’re looking for the perfect serial impact printer for your IBM environment, look to the Tally 4347-Series manufactured by DASCOM.
Operating in IBM environments all over the world, the 4347-Series is priced to perform with a host of features, a broad array of interface options, and unparalleled support in both AS400 and non-AS400 IBM system environments.
Right now the printers have a great trade-in rebate and come with free ground freight within the contiguous U.S.
DASCOM also offers the benefit of a no-risk, try-it, buy-it program so potential users of the product can evaluate a unit, risk-free for up to 30 days.
With superior forms handling, ergonomic design, and the best in features and warranty at a price point that can’t be beat, the Tally 4347-i Series is well worth a look for customers printing in IBM environments.

Ribbons Discontinued for Your Old GENICOM Printer? DASCOM Has an Answer.

Some of you reading this may have recently learned that you can no longer get ribbons for your GENICOM 3860 or 3880 serial impact dot matrix printer.  Or perhaps you have customers with these GENICOM models and you find that ribbons are no longer available to service the printers for these customers.  This can obviously present a big problem because without ribbons, your GENICOM 3800 series printer can be rendered useless.

In talking with DASCOM, they believe they have a great replacement answer in the Tally T2365 that they manufacture.  Back in the day, the T2365 was introduced as the natural replacement for the GENICOM 3800 series printer by what was then the original equipment manufacturer for the 3800 series.  Over time, the company who was producing ribbons for the GENICOM 3860 and 3880 models has discontinued their production.  Since these ribbons are “keyed” or “patent protected” there is not a viable second-source replacement for the ribbons in the market.  So, with no aftermarket replacement, customers may be forced to change printers or change technology.

Since the Tally T2365 fits nicely in as a replacement for the GENICOM printer, and there is currently a trade in rebate when customers purchase a new Tally T2365 and trade in their old printer, now is a great time to trade printers to more readily available technology with an easy migration path.

The T2365 has many of the same firmware emulations and features so the transition should be relatively painless and pretty cost-effective.

For more information on the Tally T2365 as a replacement for GENICOM series printers, please contact DASCOM Americas at 877.434.1377.