Keep on Truckin’ with Great Multi-Part Forms Printers from DASCOM Americas!


DASCOM Americas has a very broad product line and boasts some of the most cost-effective business transaction printers on the market.  And while the company has virtually “something for everyone” when it comes to printing, the company takes a very structured and targeted approach in marketing and capitalizing on key vertical market segments.

The direct mail pieces, shown above, is directed to one such vertical market where the company has enjoyed outstanding success – the trucking industry.

In talking with DASCOM I learned that trucking companies across the U.S. are using Tally printers from DASCOM.  The prime models for consideration are the 4347-i series and the T2365 and T2380.

These models all offer rugged durability, the ability to print mult-part forms at a very acceptable print speed, and the ability to handle large monthly duty cycles of print.  Trucking terminals use the printers for things such as bills of lading, invoices, and other typical transportation and logistics types of form printing.

What makes the printers so attractive to this vertical is that they come at a much lower price point than the larger line printers, that are faster, but often not necessary.  The rugged serial matrix printers from DASCOM offer a low purchase price, low maintenance costs, and a low total cost of ownership.  Generally the pricing upfront is something like 1/3 of the price of a typical line matrix printer.  DASCOM tells us that what companies really want is acceptable print speed and good quality at the best price, and they believe their higher end serial matrix models fill that bill.

Right now the great $200 trade-in rebate on these select types and models of printers also continues, making DASCOM printers a great choice for anyone in logistics, transportation, warehousing, and trucking.

DASCOM tells us they have lots of great reference accounts in the trucking industry – some previous IBM users, and others who have relied on other printers, but find DASCOM to be the right choice to help them print their important forms on reliable printers at a good price.

Tally printers from DASCOM help transportation groups across the U.S. “keep on truckin’!”


It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Larry the Printer Guy!

Known for years in the industry, "Larry the Printer Guy", provides great insights into the technical operations of Tally printers.  Look for him on YouTube at Dotmatrix007.

Known for years in the industry, “Larry the Printer Guy”, provides great insights into the technical operations of Tally printers. Look for him on YouTube at Dotmatrix007.

The folks at DASCOM Americas are not only committed to providing the best in business transaction printers from a functional, pricing, and durability sense, but they also understand that a solution sale means providing the absolute best in technical and customer support.

At the top of the list for excellent customer support is Larry Kyger, DASCOM Americas’ own “Larry the Printer Guy.”

Larry has more than 40 years of experience in print technology and is an integral member of the DASCOM Americas team as he leads the technical support group for the company.  If a user has a question on printer setup, performance, application, connectivity, or virtually anything to do with printing, Larry is the man with the answers.  The folks at DASCOM consider him not just a “SuperMan” but also a super person.  Larry is active in his church, plays music in a gospel group, is ready with a smile and friendly gesture to anyone he meets.

In the coming weeks, Larry will be featured in a number of customer training videos that will be showcased in various media outlets and links to DASCOM Americas.  You will most especially soon will be able to see him on YouTube.  Just go to YouTube and search the videos for Dotmatrix007.   There you’ll find Larry providing instruction, but you’ll also find some entertaining things that give DASCOM Americas a personna, showing why they are not just an “ordinary” type of company.

DASCOM Americas is ready to show the world that they are a company with a mission.  They want to provide the best in business printing and soon, LED Lighting Solutions.  And they want to do it in a way that changes the world for the better.

As Larry the Printer Guy might say….”Ya’ll have a great day!”



How to pick a real winner when filling out your bracket.

You can pour over the statistics, consult all the bracketologists, and experts, but the choice is clear"  The Tally T2365 is a real winner.

You can pour over the statistics, consult all the bracketologists, and experts, but the choice is clear” The Tally T2365 is a real winner.

All across the U.S. this week, offices are busy with water cooler talk about the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament.  Known as “March Madness”, the event has become one of the largest sporting events in the world as people wager millions of dollars picking which men’s college basketball team will be crowned national champs.  Along with that are the endless “brackets” showing the match-ups for each round of the tourney.  So, how can you be sure to pick a “real winner” in your bracket?

DASCOM Americas can assure you of picking a real winner in the printing bracket when you select the Tally T2365 printer.  This top of the line, heavy-duty industrial printer is perfect for multi-part forms printing.  With a low total cost of ownership, the ability to print up to 9 part forms on the T2365HD models, a workload exceeding 40,000 pages per month, a print head that is rated to print 750 million characters, and an easy-to-change, long-life ribbon, the T2365 is clearly a fan favorite.

The T2365 is often chosen as a replacement for low end line matrix printers since it is so durable, fast enough to print most reports, and costs so much less to purchase and maintain over a traditional line matrix printer.  Further, the T2365 now has a great $200 trade-in rebate so users can trade in any old serial matrix or line matrix printer and get $200 direct from DASCOM Americas on the trade.

Units come with Parallel and Ethernet connectivity as standard, and there are a host of other optional connectivity options available.

The folks at DASCOM Americas tell us they sell more of these rugged printers than virtually any other model in their extensive serial matrix, specialty, thermal or mobile line.

So, if you want some help with your NCAA tournament bracket, DASCOM may not be able to point you in the right direction, however, if you are looking to pick a winner for your transaction business forms printing, check out the Tally T2365.

For more information, visit the DASCOM Americas website at  And, good luck with your office basketball bracket!

EVERY Day is an Opportunity to Start Fresh


Fresh off of a 20 inch snow and with spring just around the corner, the folks at DASCOM Americas reminded me that every day is an opportunity to start again with something new.

This realization comes at a very opportune time for this blog writer since this very blog is starting over because a technical glitch managed to wipe out all of the prolific, thought provoking, humorous, and informative posts from the last few months (We’ll see how good I am at learning how to re-install my back-up files).

Anyway, without digressing further, the folks at DASCOM Americas do make a good point with their rationale that each day is a fresh new chance.  In fact, if you spend time with DASCOM Americas, you’ll see that they have seized on the idea of fresh, new starts.

At a time when most folks in the printer marketplace seem to be limiting their offerings or basically looking at their printing business as sort of a “cash cow”, DASCOM continues to invest in new printer development with several new products soon to be released from their product pipeline.  They underscore in every sense of the word COMMITMENT and long term commitment at that, to the printing industry.

In the coming weeks, this blog will follow some of the new happenings that are just on the horizon for DASCOM Americas.  In talking with their leadership, the company is ready to announce some very major events and I have personally seen some of the new products that are coming – both in and outside of the printing realm.

So remember, EVERY day is an opportunity to start fresh.  Those are very good words to live by.