Never Give Up.

At a time when most printer manufacturers are not investing in new products, DASCOM continues to develop new products.

At a time when most printer manufacturers are not investing in new products, DASCOM continues to develop new products.

It’s been a very tough week in the U.S.  Most everyone here has been praying for, thinking about, or consoling the people of Boston as we have witnessed yet another senseless and uncommon terror attack.  Some of the very customers of DASCOM Americas had family running in the Boston Marathon and were present near the finish line, even as the attacks were taking place.  Fortunately, they were blessed to have not suffered any physical harm.  Still, we know that just being there has an impact, and effect that is not, and should not be, easily forgotten.  And while the memory of this is hard, if we forget, then we become less vigilant in our efforts to make the world better by being just a little better ourselves as we grow in deep appreciation of what we truly have in our usually comfortable lives.

Other of DASCOM’s colleagues and customers in Venezuela also had a tumultuous week with the election of a new leader, and the subsequent social and political unrest that has followed.

Any words that we could, or would write, in this blog, about the event in Boston or even for our friends in Venezuela would ring hollow.  So the folks at DASCOM wanted me to just say that they will continue to pray for, and think about the people personally affected by the terrible tragedy in Boston and the unrest in Venezuela.  They also believe, just as I do, that one lesson learned each and every day is that there is hope, the ability to make things better, and really only one choice; never give up.

DASCOM Americas will soon be releasing some new serial matrix printers in the Americas’ market.  This writer has already blogged about many of the great features of those printers and why the folks at DASCOM believe they will be very successful.  They will offer great features that are normally found on more expensive units.  There will be features that make the units some of the most versatile in the DASCOM product portfolio.  And, there will be an underlying message with the release of the printers; that is, DASCOM will NEVER give up on printing.  They remain firmly focused on offering new products while most manufacturers are limiting their printer choices and scaling back.  And while it would be silly to compare terrible tragedy to new product introduction, the underlying core theme of people involved is the same.  That is, there is a commitment to one another.  There is a responsibility to hold each other accountable.  There is a responsibility to conduct business and personal life with high integrity.  Just like with anything in life, one must be resilient to be his or her best.  There must be people willing to live their lives and conduct business at a high standard.  This is how we make things better, even if just a little at a time.

As you consider using or purchasing the new DASCOM products, I’m sure that DASCOM would want me to thank you for your patronage.  They would likely also ask me to tell you to also pray or offer a thought about others who have turmoil and terror in their lives.

They’d also want me to tell you…never give up.

It’s New! It’s Exciting! It’s New AND Exciting!

A sleek NEW printer with standard USB, Parallel, and Ethernet is on the way from DASCOM.

A sleek NEW printer with standard USB, Parallel, and Ethernet is on the way from DASCOM.

Scattershooting around the world of printers and checking in again on the folks at DASCOM Americas and we find something new on the horizon.  Something new AND exciting if you listen to the folks there.

We’ve told you that they have new products in the pipeline and are slowly trickling out info about them, but sources tell me that a new product in the mid-range class is set to be announced officially within the next month.

The new unit will have standard connectivity of Parallel (Bi-directional), USB 2.0 and Ethernet (10/100 BaseT) onboard!  The onboard Ethernet is something that should be a really strong selling point for the printer according to their inside sources.

The printer will aslo have optional Serial connectivity through a Serial RS-232.

The unit also has a sleek new look and is rumored to be coming at a price point that should be VERY attractive too.

So…sleek new look….check….onboard ethernet (should we make a sign that says ethernet on board to hang on the unit like a baby onboard sign?)…check…great aggressive price…check…

Looks like this printer might just be New AND Exciting!  Stay tuned.

DASCOM Americas has a printer in its line-up that is right for you.

DASCOM Americas' line-up of business transaction printers leads the league in versatility.

DASCOM Americas’ line-up of business transaction printers leads the league in versatility.

If you do business transaction printing of any kind, then you should check out the line-up of printers available today from DASCOM Americas.  It’s probably a good bet that no other manufacturer out there has as many serial matrix printing choices as DASCOM.  Plus, there are new products in the pipeline so you never know what may be waiting in the on deck circle.

One of the current models that is a real power hitter from DASCOM is the Tally 4347-i08.  This model has been designed to be a direct replacement for serial matrix printers that have been discontinued by IBM/InfoPrint.

The 4347-i08 is tough.  It has a heavy duty print head that prints up to 9 part forms.  This means even the toughest multi-part bill of lading, invoice or other “thick” forms document can be printed quickly and clearly.

The model also comes with Parallel and Ethernet Connectivity as standard, and offers a host of optional Connectivity options including either Twinax or Coax SCS, Twinax or Coax IPDS, or Ethernet IPDS.

Right now DASCOM Americas has a great end user trade in rebate of $200 per printer with the purchase of any new Tally 4347-i08 or 4347-i10 model so the deal is even sweeter.

Make sure and visit the DASCOM Americas’ website at and check out the complete line of business transaction printers from this all-star producer of document solutions.  There you’ll find a downloadable data sheet on the 4347-i08 plus many other outstanding models of printers.

Whatever you print, DASCOM Americas has a printer in its line-up that will make your business more productive at a price that makes your printer easy to buy and even easier to own with a low total cost of ownership.

Now that’s enough to make you a league leader in office efficiency.