The TD2600 – How does it stack up?

2600 right

This blog has previously talked about all the great features of the TD2600 from DASCOM, but sometimes it is important to take a look at how a printer stacks up against the competition.  I asked the folks at DASCOM if they could do just that – give me some information on how the TD2600 would hold up against the likes of say various Lexmark models.

To follow are a few bullet points where DASCOM believes the TD2600 and TD2610 have advantages over the Lexmark 2590+ and 2591+ respectively.

  • The TD2600 has a faster throughput by 14% when compared to the Lexmark 2590+ (Based on customer testing of TD2600 vs. Lexmark 2590+)
  • Ethernet is STANDARD on the TD2600 & TD2610 – Lexmark has special ethernet models
  • The TD2610 has a 13% smaller footprint than the Lexmark 2591 so it fits well in tight spaces
  • The TD2600 & TD2610 have a print head rated life of 500 million impacts vs. 300 million for the Lexmark models
  • The TD2600 & TD2610 have clearer instructions and fewer lights and buttons since they use an LCD control panel versus an LED panel
  • The TD2600 & TD2610 support Intelligent Mail Bar Code while there is not IMBC capability on the Lexmark 2590+ or 2591+

Those were just a few of the highlights the product management team provided, but thus far DASCOM reports good reviews on the roll-out of the TD2600 and TD2610 from customers.

Stay tuned for more good information on new printers, products and features from DASCOM Americas. And as always, you can find information about their products at or by calling them toll-free at 877-434-1377 within the U.S.


What’s in a Name….Building an international brand.


In talking to the folks at DASCOM Americas, there’s a fairly interesting story behind the naming of SONARAY as the brand for the company’s LED lighting solutions.

Generally, when you seek to name any product, especially one in an area as common as lighting, most of the names that first come to mind are already being used or trademarked.  So, those “brilliant” ideas and “play on words” from the best and brightest marketing gurus get tossed aside.  In fact, experts say you probably should just take your first 50 or so really good names and throw them away because chances are that a trademark search will yield someone already using that name in your, or a similar industry.

Now, further complicate the matter by thinking you need a name that actually has meaning (I’m not talking literal meaning), but at least not so fabricated that you scratch your head and say facetiously “Wow…who was the genius who came up with that name?”  Often names have nothing to do with what you are selling and really have no story or link to a product or brand.  (As a personal note, while some find them cool, this blog writer finds them maddening – although that is another story).

Now, consider yet another twist in naming DASCOM’s LED product line.  DASCOM Americas does business all over the Americas so it is important to have a brand that speaks well to areas not just in the U.S.  Enter SONARAY stage left.

SONARAY (whether you like the name or not) has some meaning that is is the culmination of an intense naming search that was filled with lots of coffee, lots of sweat equity, and lots of names that appeared, then unceremoniously were crossed off a very big white board for one reason or the other.  But that isn’t the end of the story.

SONARAY has its origin in both Spanish and English roots. “Soñar” is Spanish for “to dream” as in “to chase your dreams” or to have high aspirations.  “Ray” is English and has the definition of “a narrow beam of light.”  Together the two work well for what DASCOM is seeking to accomplish – Lighting dreams…or even “Lighting everyone’s dreams,” which coincidentally has the acronym…LED.  Sheer genius?  Sheer madness?

DASCOM folks are actually very happy with the name SONARAY because it does so many things on a lot of levels.  It passes the test of being not too hard to pronounce, has meaning that relates to the product and brand, works well in different markets, and really is indicative of what could become of the product set in general.

DASCOM has some pretty large dreams with SONARAY.  They want to not only sell the product for profit, but also use the product to give people better light, save energy and costs for the customer, and reduce the carbon footprint for the world of tomorrow.

So remember the name SONARAY, and you’ll certainly hear and see it a lot very soon.  DASCOM may not light everyone’s dreams, but in talking to the folks there, they are sure going to try to light quite a few of them.

That’s how you make a difference as a company and how you actually can do a pretty decent job in building an international brand.




Adds, Moves, and Changes…Defining DESTINY

mill place 2

Today is a BIG step for DASCOM Americas.  If you’ve been following this blog, you know DASCOM has been adding new products such as the DT-230, the TD2600, and 4347-i06 Printers, planning a big move to a new location, and has designs on changing the world by offering new energy efficient lighting marketed under the SONARAY brand.

Today was a big step in the MOVE category because the company moved its offices in the U.S. to an interim facility in Mill Place Office Park.

Mill Place will become home to DASCOM Americas, and also home to what the company hopes is a facility that will promote ideas and products that will truly change the world for the better.

Several blogs ago, we introduced you to SONARAY, the LED lighting solution from DASCOM that will save folks on average 50-60% from their industrial lighting energy usage.  This translates to dollar savings for the facility, better lighting for facility, and truly a greener tomorrow, with lessened impact on the environment and a reduced carbon footprint.  This means savings now and for future generations.

In the next blog I will talk more about the meaning of the word SONARAY and how it was derived, but this blog on adds, moves, and changes is important because SONARAY truly is a product set that can have lasting effect on the destiny of DASCOM Americas, the company, AND, more importantly, future generations for a healthier planet.

Several DASCOM Americas’ employees have taken on an internal mantra of sorts as it relates to SONARAY lighting.  They believe that SONARAY can provide not only cost savings for its users, but also represents an opportunity for the company to really have a home run product, and hopefully, in time, really give back some of that home run to the world at large.  As such, “Brightening People’s Lives, Not Just the Way They Live” has become an internal slogan with real meaning.  The folks at DASCOM Americas truly believe they have the opportunity to do something special.  They believe that change can be positive and that people working together can define destiny.

Today’s move is in some respects, the beginning of that journey.  DASCOM Americas is on the road, and they ask this question….How will you define your destiny?  What adds, moves, and changes can we collectively invoke to make a better world?

Stay tuned for more on SONARAY.