The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with One Step….


DASCOM Americas has made really great strides in the past 3 years in revitalizing a big part of the business transaction printer market.  There is an aggressive pipeline of printer products that continues to underscore DASCOM’s long-term commitment to printing.  The company is first, and foremost, a printer company.  And while this isn’t likely to ever change relative to having new printers and commitments, the company is looking forward with a great sense of diversity in product lines and people that can benefit from what the company has to offer.

One such product that will be a part of that growth is a line of healthy lifestyle products – the first of which is an elaborate, yet easy to use, and feature filled, pedometer.

As the world population grows, and certainly starts to age, people have become more keenly aware of the benefits or necessity of excercise and life style changes that help us feel better, be healthier, and maybe live longer, fuller lives.

In line with this way of thinking, DASCOM Americas will soon be test marketing our first healthy lifestyle product.  A pedometer, similar to the one shown above, will soon be unveiled.  The pedometer will have lots of great features that track your steps walked, calories and fat burned, duration of walk time, and more.  The pedometer stores this information in memory for 30 days so you can have a running total of your progress.

One of the best features of the pedometer, however, is an elaborate website that allows users to download their walking data and also read about interesting and helpful healthy tips while interacting with others who are also using the pedometer.

DASCOM believes that combining the social camaraderie along with encouraging people to get active and moving will be a catalyst for a healthier tomorrow.

Look for more information on their pedometer coming in the next few weeks.

We think you’ll be impressed with the features and software that make this product a great new start to the product line.  Right now it is just being tested, but as they say….”The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Proof POS-itive…Putting Their Money where Their Mouth is….


DASCOM Americas is really starting to ramp up their efforts in promoting and selling the TD230 Point of Sale Printer.

In fact, right now, for qualified resellers, DASCOM Americas is offering a free DT230 (one per company through 12/31/13) just so resellers can see the benefits of this printer.

This blog has talked about the unit before, but some highlights include a very favorable comparison when it comes to peer printers such as the Epson T88x series of printers.

  • The DT230 has better resolution than Epson T88x models (almost 13% better) at 203 dpi versus 180 dpi.
  • The unit also prints more characters per line than Epson T88x
  • It has an optional splash cover available – not found with Epson
  • It is priced lower

Of course, there are great stand-alone features too such as the heavy duty cutter that comes standard, and a great number of optional interfaces including WiFi.

The units are available for sale today through Ingram Micro and will be displayed at the Retail Now! Show at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on August 6th and 7th.

If you are in the area, stop by booth 830 and take a look.

If you are a reseller who would like to find out more about getting a free unit to see just how solid the printer is, contact DASCOM Americas at 877-434-1377.

When the Chips are Down, do You Have the Right Support to Keep Your Printer Up?


One of the things that truly separates the folks at DASCOM Americas from other companies in printing is their commitment to customers.  It’s easy to proclaim that a company gives “excellent customer service” if you are THAT company, but how do you really quantify good customer service?  How do you know that when you really need someone to come through for you, they will?  Simply put, when the chips are down, can you really count on companies nowadays to help you, to stand behind products, and to solve the inevitable issues and problems that come with anything?  If you have a DASCOM printer, we believe you can safely say you can.

DASCOM Americas has on its staff a devoted team of technical and customer service experts who really put their money and time where their mouth is when it comes to customer service.

Spend a day at DASCOM Americas and you’ll see customer service in action.  Here, there are NO minimum orders – NO “you have to order online if your order is less than a certain amount”, and certainly NO long wait to get an answer.  That’s because DASCOM sees service as part of the products it sells.

They have an on-staff IPDS expert, hired specifically to help customers who may be using AS400 systems with their printing.  This is a real LIVE expert who will even answer questions about existing issues BEFORE you even purchase a DASCOM printer.  The DASCOM philosophy is that good service starts with caring and anticipating needs.  That is why the company continues to invest in new products and in people to support those products.

The Manager of Technical Applications at DASCOM Americas has more than 40 years (yes, that is 40 – not a typo) of experience in printing.  He’s seen just about everything you can imagine in a printer and he can trouble-shoot issues and offer advice on what printer best fits your application.

You see, DASCOM Americas doesn’t want to sell you a printer.  They want to sell you a SOLUTION.  If you aren’t printing efficiently, then DASCOM employees have not done their jobs.

And, once you buy a DASCOM printer, you can be assured that the company will stand behind any little issue you might have.  With level one technical support and a strong engineering team, DASCOM is flexible and responds quickly – even AFTER a printer gets sold.

So, can you count on your printer to be ready to perform when the chips are down and your mission critical printing is on the line?

You can if you choose DASCOM.  They will do everything in their power to make you a customer for life and a customer who will tell others about the company and its products.

DASCOM’s customer service really can be quantified.  And that should give potential customers food for thought when they are considering a new printer purchase.