The Continued Relevance of Serial Dot Matrix Printing


Many people may think that serial matrix printing is an outdated technology, but serial matrix printing continues to be a very viable and cost-effective method of printing.  In fact, it is one of the MOST cost-effective methods of printing for select business niches that must deal with multi-part forms.  While lasers and ink jet printers may provide some minimal level of solutions, their maintenance cost and the cost of consumable supplies to operate these printers make them less than optimal in many applications.

Serial matrix printers have print heads that print up to hundreds of millions of characters and thousands of pages per month.  For example, the Tally T2365, shown above, prints over 40,000 pages per month at a very high print speed.  The ribbons for these printers also last a very long time, making them an attractive option for forms printing.  The ribbons also maintain a high level of uniform print quality throughout the ribbon life.  Again, an example of the above printer’s ribbon is a rated life of 20 million characters.  This means users get crisp, clear print without having to change ribbons often.  AND, the ribbons are generally much cheaper than costly toner that is used with laser printing.

Further, most serial matrix printers utilize continuous form paper.  That means that the paper feeds automatically and the printer does not have to stop and wait for paper to be loaded.  This of course increases speed, limits user intervention, and prints without unnecessary interruption.

Serial matrix printers such as the Tally T2365 are also designed for heavy duty use in areas such as warehouses, logistics centers, trucking terminals and industrial environments.  In these areas, dust can be a problem for laser printers or printers that do not have the robust build or design of a heavy duty dot matrix printer.

The next step up in terms of forms printing from the serial matrix printer can be a line matrix printer, which can be the fastest option and also the lowest cost per print overall, but users have to be especially careful about maintenance costs and truly how much the printer is being used.  Many companies end up with very large capital expenditures as the line printers are very pricey and maintenance costs can be high.  For example, most of those units use hammer banks which can be very expensive to replace, whereas a serial matrix print head is easy to replace (actually user-replaceable in many instances) and quite a bit less costly.

So, an important consideration when looking at printing is choosing something that has enough horsepower to get your printing done, is robust enough to withstand your print environment, and also, and just as importantly, the underlying cost of acquisition and maintenance of the unit.

DASCOM Americas has some great ongoing trade in programs that make their high end serial matrix printers an excellent choice for relatively low capital outlay, easy migration with little downtime when replacing existing printers, and printers that will give you years of high quality printing backed by exceptional support and service.



Old Printer Costing You a Lot? You’re Spending time in the House of Blues


Have you ever really sat down lately and tried to figure out what your printer is costing you when it comes to maintenance and general upkeep?

The folks at DASCOM tell us that they are hearing stories of how some people are rarely even using things like their old line printers, but they are paying a huge monthly bill for service coverage.  This means that the big old printer not only takes up space, but also takes up valuable dollar resources in the company.

If you are using a line printer, but not using it very often, then maybe you should consider the Tally T2365 or T2380 serial matrix printer from DASCOM.  These units are heavy duty – designed for work in harsh environments with long life print heads that last up to 750 million impact strikes.  The units also give you the ability to print up to 50,000 pages per month.  This volume makes the serial matrix printers efficient choices in some applications to replace low end line printers.

While the printing itself won’t be as fast, it will still be quite acceptable and accomplish print jobs effectively at a low price point  – especially if you take advantage of the trade in programs offered by DASCOM.

The great thing about the T2365 and T2380 printers are also the facts that the units are currently in production so there’s no scramble to get parts or ribbons for the models.  We know that select models of high end serial matrix printers from other manufacturers have some apparent print head shortages happening.  This just gives you a lead time and drives up cost.  With a great $200 trade-in rebate on the T2365 or T2380 printer, you can get rid of your headaches and get some cash back for that old unit that keeps bleeding you for higher and higher monthly costs.

So…If you are looking for a fun time for entertainment or food, you might want to spend time at a House of Blues restaurant, but you don’t want to be stuck in the house of blues when it comes to your printer maintenance costs.  Because really – that’s no fun at all.