Put your Printing into the Winner’s Circle with DASCOM


In the world of printing there are printers and companies that can clearly help put your business in the winner’s circle when it comes to performance and value.  Some companies may claim their printers are race horses, but how do you know a real thoroughbred?

The people at DASCOM are in the business of producing printers that are both work horses and thoroughbreds.  That is, they build printers that print crisp, clear documents, and work in very harsh environments – all while printing at very fast speeds.

The Tally T2365HD is one such example of a durable and dependable printer that is built for the long run.  It has the capability to print up to 9 part forms, has a heavy duty, long-life 24 pin print head, and is able to function in difficult environments such as factories or warehouses where the race can be long and hard.

The Tally T2365HD printer is ideal for printing in “on demand” or “batch” applications.  With zero tear for no wasted forms, and a straight through paper path for easy forms handling, the T2365HD will give you a great run for the money.

With standard Parallel and Ethernet interfaces and a host of other options, the T2365HD is a clear winner when it comes to offering feature rich value.

Today, DASCOM Americas offers a $200 trade in rebate when you purchase any new T2365HD printer and return your old printer to them.  They even pay the freight on the new printer being shipped to you, as well as freight back on your old return (within the continental U.S.).

If you still have questions, you might want to consider the DASCOM Americas’ “Try-It, Buy-It” program.  Here, you get a full 30 days to add this printer to your stable to make sure that it meets your needs.  If you aren’t satisfied, DASCOM will take the printer back and you are under no obligation – even for return freight.

The Tally T2365HD printer is a real thoroughbred when it comes to helping you meet your critical printing needs.  And, the people at DASCOM have very liberal programs and support all designed to put you in the winner’s circle, and making it fairly safe to say that dealing with a company like DASCOM is certainly like dealing with a horse of a different color!

Replacing your DISCONTINUED OTC or other printers? DASCOM has the answer.


If you’re using older printers, like the OTC models shown above, you’re probably finding that it is harder and harder to get parts let alone a replacement printer.  Many manufacturers have discontinued printers (See IBM/InfoPrint for example) or simply gone out of business.

So, when your old printer (be it an OTC or another manufacturer) finally goes to that serial matrix printing scrap heap in the sky, what can you do to make sure you have an adequate replacement that won’t cause a lot of disruption with your printing?

DASCOM Americas has you covered with the Tally T2365 and T2380 printers – both designed to be great replacements for your mid and high end transaction printing.


With blazing fast print speeds, heavy duty 24-wire print heads, and a variety of interfaces and emulations, these printers are built to meet your toughest printing jobs head-on.  And, serial matrix technology is cost effective and won’t create a major code red in your IT department because you are switching to some other technology.

These Tally units also print up to 9 part forms so your business transaction printing works even in the toughest environments!  You’ll find DASCOM printers in warehouses, trucking facilities, retail outlets, and many other vertical markets.  And our network of distributors has been carefully selected so you can be assured that you’ll get great service and support.

Plus, right now, there is a $200 trade-in rebate when you purchase a new T2365 or T2380 and send back your old junker.  DASCOM will even pay the freight back for your return and the freight out on the new printer within the continental U.S.

Still not sure?  Contact DASCOM and ask about their “Try-It, Buy-It” program that lets you evaluate a unit “risk free – no strings attached” for 30 days.  Again, DASCOM even pays the freight for you, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

For more on these printers and trade in programs, contact DASCOM Americas at 877-434-1377 and visit their website at www.dascomamericas.com to see the complete line of Tally and TallyDASCOM printers.