With DASCOM printers you CAN have your cake and eat it too!


DASCOM printers are not only feature-rich and designed for great creature comforts for the user, but they also are value plays when it comes to printing.

The rugged line of serial impact printers gives users the ability to print nearly 50,000 pages per month at very high print speeds.  These pages are printed at much less cost per page than an average laser printer, plus the have the ability to handle multi-part forms.

The T2365HD printer can handle up to 9 part forms with crisp, clear, legible print on each form.

There are also printers such as the 4347-i08 and 4347-i10 that are designed to work well as replacements in the IBM/InfoPrint market.

These printers offer standard on-board Ethernet and optional Coax/Twinax (IPDS and SCS), and are sold with an outstanding one year on-site warranty that alleviates any worries you might have.

Aggressive “Try-It, Buy-It” programs and free ground freight within the continental U.S. also make DASCOM a great printer choice for people needing the best in high volume forms printing.

Finally, DASCOM continues its great trade-in rebate programs on the Tally T2365/T2380 and     4347-i08 and 4347-i10 through 12/31/13.

So, I guess with DASCOM printers the moral of the story is that you can Have your cake AND Eat it too!

Using a GENICOM Printer? Maybe it’s time to trade-up.

3800 replacement postcard october 101413

In talking to the folks at DASCOM Americas, the word is that it is becoming more difficult to get certain parts for older serial matrix printers in the marketplace.

The GENICOM 3800 series of printers is one family of printers that has a history of being real workhorses in business transaction printers.  Unfortunately, word in the market is that parts are now getting really hard to find for the printers, and some companies are no longer covering the print heads under their maintenance agreement.  This raises the issue that it might be time to replace that older GENICOM with a new Tally printer from DASCOM.

The Tally T2365 and T2380 were recommended by the original manufacturer of the 3800 series printers as viable replacements since they come with GENICOM Ansi emulation built-in.  The units also offer a robust design, can handle heavy workloads, have long life ribbons and print heads, and even come with a great $200 user trade in rebate now through the end of 2013.

So, if you have an older serial matrix or low end line matrix printer, contact the folks at DASCOM Americas (www.dascomamericas.com ).  Maybe now is a GREAT time to trade in that 3800 and trade up to newer and faster technology.

Paying too much for service on your old printer? Finding it hard to get parts? Trade UP!


In talking to people in the printer industry, we’ve been told that lately some manufacturers are no longer offering maintenance coverage on print heads as part of their service agreements.  What does that really mean for you?

Print heads are generally the MOST EXPENSIVE “wear” part in a printer.  That is, over time, as you print, it is inevitable that you will wear out your print head.  Think of the print head as tires on your car.  Even the best tires wear out after awhile and they must be replaced.  Sure, there are other parts of the printer like the main board (or for the car example, maybe a transmission) that is more expensive, but these generally don’t wear out or break.  BUT…you can almost always be assured that if you have a printer and print very often, you will need a new print head.

Print heads can generally run anywhere from about 1/3 to 40% of the cost of a BRAND NEW printer.  So, if you replace a print head, sometimes you need to realize that it might be better to just go ahead and replace the entire printer  – especially if you have some age on that printer.

Further, if you have a maintenance agreement and the print head is NOT being covered, you might ask yourself what are you really paying for?  Most printer companies tell you that the biggest fear they have in writing an agreement is that printers will burn through print heads.  That’s how the printer company loses money and also why some have opted to no longer cover that print head.

So, what should you do then?

The folks at DASCOM do cover print heads with the service agreements they offer, but they also have great printer trade-in programs right now that make it particularly inviting to upgrade your printer.  For example, the Tally T2365, which is the perfect replacement (in fact it was designed specifically as a replacement) for the GENICOM 3800 series printer, now offers a $200 trade in rebate.

GENICOM emulations are built in to the T2365 so you also don’t have a lot of down time if you replace your GENICOM.  AND, the print head in the T2365 is a long-life, 24 wire print head so you can be assured of crisp, clear print.

Of course, the Tally T2365 printer from DASCOM is a great printer even if you don’t have a GENICOM 3800 series printer.  The rebate is good on any line or serial matrix printer that is traded in with a purchase, and you get great support and service contract options with DASCOM.

Maybe now is the time to trade-in and trade-up to a Tally printer from DASCOM.  You won’t pay too much, but you will get a great printer that should give you excellent multi-part forms printing.