End of Life Printers: When someone says “No More” does that really mean “A LOT More?”


(The Tally T2365 printer, shown here, was introduced by the original manufacturer of the GENICOM 3800 series printer as its natural replacement.  To date, literally thousands of the T2365s have been used in place of the old 3800s or in lieu of more expensive to purchase line matrix printers.)

Word around the printing world is that a LOT of the support for TallyGENICOM products including the ever popular TG 3860, 3880, 2265, 2280, LA650, and LA800 is going away from one manufacturer who used to support these products.  Instead, they are touting a line of “replacement” line matrix printers to fill this perceived void.

In talking with the folks at DASCOM Americas (www.dascomamericas.com – 877-434-1377), if you are supporting, or actually own one of the models mentioned above, there is likely a better or at least easier, or more cost effective replacement path. In fact, DASCOM continues to fully support and sell new today, the T2265+, T2280+, LA650+, and LA800+.  In addition, they offer the T2365 and T2380 heavy duty serial matrix printers that were designed by the original manufacturer of the GENICOM 3800 series printers to be their natural replacement.

This raises an interesting question relative to printing in general – especially as it relates to the end of life or support on products.  When someone says “No More” does that really mean a “Lot More?”

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a technical printer guru, but I do know that when I have something that is working fairly well, I’m not really wanting to replace it with something that costs me a lot more out of my pocket today when I don’t have to do that.

So, I get nervous when I see things that tend to force me to make a change.

If you have one of these mentioned printers, and have been told things like:

  • We can’t renew your service contract
  • We can’t provide spare parts or perform repair on your printers
  • We can’t offer technical support anymore
  • We’ve eliminated advance exchange on parts
  • You should replace it with a new line printer

Then maybe you want to look at a replacement printer, or maybe even a replacement printer company.  AND, maybe a line printer is what you want.  As for me, I’ve never been want who has enjoyed feeling being “forced” into a big out of pocket expense.  I suspect many of you may feel the same.