Unwavering Belief Defines Greatness


The President at DASCOM Americas encourages employees to leave some amount of time each day to think.  Granted, the employees are thinking all day about how to accomplish the goals and tasks they have to do for that particular day, or in that week, or maybe even on a project, but his encouragement is about something different.  At DASCOM Americas, the belief is that you must have a real resolve (a “stick-to-it-ness” of sorts) to really move the needle in terms of making a difference with great products, but more importantly in the lives of the people that are influenced by the products AND by the people selling and supporting them.  Each phone call, each conversation, each interaction is a chance, and a choice in terms of how one might influence the life of another.

Recently, the DASCOM parent company celebrated 25 years of business.  The theme (as shown in the picture for this blog) was “Unwavering Belief Defines Greatness.”  This “unwavering belief” is an intangible kind of character many times.  It is a faith and a true resignation to not giving up on things so easily.  It is a race to the finish that is more of a marathon than a sprint.

A real example of this is the continuing commitment by DASCOM to serial impact printing.  In a time when most manufacturers are moving, or have moved on from this mode of printing, DASCOM remains unabashedly stubborn in its fight to continue to bring new products to market.  It is part because of the cost advantages of the type of printing, but also partly because of an “unwavering belief” that this commitment can provide people exactly what they need to get the job done in a way that is most cost-effective for them.

So, do you have “unwavering belief” in anything?  Is your belief easily shaken or do you use that belief to actually shake things up to create something “greater?”  Are you seeking to define your destiny and the destiny of others with a long-standing commitment to a cause in which you greatly believe?

Today this blog throws out a challenge to anyone reading it to have an “unwavering belief” in something you do or want to achieve.  It challenges you to make a difference in the life and times of the people you can influence.  Pick a cause and don’t let go of it.  Grab a goal and work with fervor to pursue it.  Find something with real meaning and use your faith in it to move the proverbial mountain.  Use your passion to improve things – winning both spoken and unspoken battles in the quest to make things better for someone.

That is in essence using unwavering belief to define a certain greatness.

Won’t you use your opportunity to pursue greatness today?


2014 – New Year, New Programs…Need a New Printer?


The Tally T2265+ and T2280+ are now available with a trade-in rebate in 2014.

The ball has dropped.  The confetti has been swept.  And baby New Year has pried the last vestiges of 2013 from his predecessor.  Time to move on and move forward!

If you are in the market for a new printer in this New Year, then DASCOM Americas has some special new trade-in programs in place.

You can choose from the Tally T2265+, T2280+, T2365, T2365HD, or T2380 and trade in your old printer and get a spiffy $150 rebate.

If you are operating in an IBM environment and looking to replace an old IBM/InfoPrint serial matrix printer, there are also some great trade in programs on the 4347-i08 and 4347-i10 printers as well.  Purchasers of these units can trade in any old printer and be eligible for a $150 rebate AND two free ribbons (another $76 value).

ALL of the above models are high end, durable, offer a number of connectivity options, and do cool things like support Intelligent Mail Bar Code.  They also ship FREE since DASCOM Americas offers free ground freight within the continental U.S. on ALL of its printer shipments.

There are also “Try-It, Buy-It” programs where you essentially have 30 days to test a printer with no strings attached.  DASCOM Americas pays the freight on shipping to you, and in the unlikely event that you don’t like the printer and want to return it, they’ll even pick up the tab for that.

So – Happy 2014!  The staff at DASCOM Americas wishes everyone a year of peace, meaning, and prosperity.