Is your old equipment too big for your current needs? Maybe you need a Serial Printer, not a Line Printer.


For people in the “printer manufacturing” industry, it can be a daunting statement when they read that the printer market is shrinking.  They hear that people are printing less and less each day.  And, I’m sure if you have email, you’ve gotten notes from friends and colleagues with the message at the bottom asking you if you really need to print what they have sent you.  You see, people are trying to be more environmentally friendly.  But, perhaps a more pertinent question might be whether you are using the correct printer for your print environment and your true printing workload.

The folks at DASCOM have been telling me that they are running in to situations where people now have way too much printer for the volume of printing they are doing.  They see this especially with Line Matrix Printers. Sometimes, less can be more.  And, sometimes you don’t need a big old six string, you need a very good ukulele.

DASCOM is quick to add that Line Matrix Printers have their place in the market.  If people are printing tremendous amounts of reports with heavy, heavy volume, then maybe that’s what you need.  What they are seeing in many cases they believe, is that people are paying way too much to print way too little.  They have too much horsepower that never gets used.  And while it is easy to keep that old line printer there at the business, a hidden, often overlooked cost is the maintenance on the machine.  Simply put, a lot of customers are spending a lot of money on printer maintenance because “that’s the way they’ve always done it.”  Sometimes it’s actually cheaper to switch out that old line printer for something more economical like a higher end serial matrix printer.  The advantage is that you get a much more affordable upfront cost with the printer, and you can often pay for the printer with the savings you have based on maintenance costs alone.  Think of it as trading in a tank for a touring sedan.  Tanks are great if you are in a battle, but maybe not so good if you are taking more Sunday drives in the country than you are shelling people with reports.

So, if you want a printer that will perfectly fit your needs, give DASCOM Americas a call at 877-434-1377 and ask for a free consultation.  You can also visit the company website at to see the full line of printers they offer.

They tell us they’ve replaced quite a few “tanks” with their T2365/T2380 and Tally 4347-i08 and 4347-i10 printers.

Give them a call, and start making beautiful music with your printing AND cost savings.