Are they feeding you a Line? Just because you DON’T need the Line Printer, you’re no fish out of water.




DASCOM Americas has seen a lot of trends recently in impact printing.  Of course, everyone will tell you that they think printing is declining or that people are printing less, but what DASCOM Americas sees is that people are printing – just differently.

Now they don’t mean that everybody is flocking to laser printers and leaving impact printing – that ship has already sailed for a lot of people (interestingly enough in another blog post we will tell you stories of how some have come back to impact from laser).  What DASCOM Americas is seeing is that people are still printing forms, but they are choosing to print those forms with smaller, perhaps more flexible types of printers.  That’s where serial impact printers come into play.

A lot of people are deciding that they no longer want to pay for the upfront purchase cost, or maintenance for large line matrix printers.  While some environments demand these printers due to the necessity for volume or speed, a LOT of people are coming to the realization that they do NOT need a line printer, and they would rather live with “acceptable” speed and a much lower initial cost of acquisition.

People much smarter than this blog writer can give you formulas that show the merits either for, or against line printers when compared to high end serial matrix printers.  What this blog writer can tell you, with some relatively high degree of certainty, however, is that high end serial matrix printers, like those from DASCOM, carry a much less expensive price tag to purchase upfront.  And, those high end serial matrix printers are relevant because some print at very good speeds, offer a variety of feed options, and can print heavy duty forms (some up to as many as the original + 8 copies).  These printers are also working, and working well in some fairly intense industrial environments.

Today, DASCOM offers a very robust and broad line of serial matrix printers designed for business transaction printing.  They also continue to add to that product line with ongoing feature innovations and the release of brand new products.

So, if you have a big line printer and need to replace it, or are thinking about the purchase of a new forms printer, then don’t discount the print quality or flexibility of a serial impact printer.  Sometimes truly what you need is one of those very large, and VERY EXPENSIVE printers.  Other times you might be surprised to find, that like many people, you can print documents just fine without sacrificing quality, while saving a lot of upfront money, with a DASCOM serial matrix printer.

The story here is to do your homework, and don’t be fed a line or made to feel like you are a fish out of water if you don’t purchase a line matrix printer – even if you’ve had one in the past.

Times change, and needs change, but the necessity for quality, affordable printing does not go out of style.

Give DASCOM Americas a call at 877-434-1377 and they’ll even arrange a “try it, buy it” printer – one that you can test for free without any obligation.  That way you can see if a printer will work well in your environment and save you a lot of upfront cost.

That’s a deal that won’t make you a fish out of water, but maybe the smartest fish in the entire school.


Searching for a solution for your old Tally Sprint Pro T2265? Things are looking up!

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If you have one of the “older style” Sprint Pro Series Tally T2265 printers, you might find yourself wondering where to get parts or support.  These printers were last manufactured new about 7 years ago.  Subsequently today it is extremely hard to find spare parts for the units.  Most people won’t dare write a service contract on the printers because there is not a supply of spare parts even for the largest service companies.

If you do have the Sprint Pro T2265 there is help!  Today, DASCOM Americas offers a trade-in program where they will upgrade you to the more robust Tally T2265+ machine.  In addition to having a new, sturdier cover set, the T2265+ has a new style controller board for better functionality and performance.

The T2265+ also comes with a $150 trade-in rebate from DASCOM (the manufacturer) and will slot nicely into the space where your old T2265 model is being used.  The model is much cheaper to purchase than a line printer, and gives you the same value and performance as your old machine without the worries and headache of trying to maintain it or find replacement parts to keep it running.

Things wear out, and after a good 7 year run, maybe you are getting the 7 year itch to change out your printer.  If so, consider the Tally T2265+ from DASCOM.  It is built to perform in tough environments, offers excellent print speed, low maintenance costs, and is one of the top business forms transaction printers on the market.

So, if you have an older printer, things are definitely looking up when you look to DASCOM.  Visit their website at to get the latest on products and promotions all designed to make you more productive and efficient, while saving you money.