“Show” Me the Money!

lightfair vegas

“Show me the money!”  That line has no doubt been used a lot throughout history, and was certainly popularized by Tom Cruise in the 1996 movie ‘Jerry Maguire.’

Jerry was a sports agent who was trying to make it.  He was fired from his firm and set out on his own trying to get that one big client.  He knew that ONE client could make a world of difference for him and his future.

As we sit here some 18 years later on Earth Day, we might wonder how we can make a world of difference, and even ponder, how much the world has changed in those 18 years.  We can be relatively certain that our world is probably a lot more polluted, a lot more crowded, and we might be chasing that ONE big thing that we feel can make or break us.

SONARAY LED lighting is starting to come of age, and folks at DASCOM think it is a pretty big deal.  They truly believe it might be one thing that can REALLY make a difference in our world in terms of lessened energy consumption, reduction of carbon footprint, better lighting, and of course cost savings.  With SONARAY, the folks at DASCOM believe they can “Show YOU the Money” with tremendous cost savings by providing you with high quality industrial LED lighting that will usually pay for itself in around 3 years due to its tremendous energy efficiency.

If you have a warehouse, factory, manufacturing facility, poultry building, body shop, or generally any kind of business, SONARAY lighting can likely put a huge dent in your energy bill each month.  That’s because LED lighting is so much more efficient than conventional lighting such as metal halide lights.  With those, a LOT of your energy costs go into generating heat – not light.  With SONARAY, tiny, but very efficient LED chips give customers crisp, clear light without 90% of the energy going to heat.

SONARAY is about to be unveiled in the U.S. in early June at LightFair International in Las Vegas.

It will be a “coming out” party of sorts for the brand as literally thousands of attendees will get an up close look at a great way to light dreams of savings and better lighting for our world.

So as we sit her on Earth Day 2014, take a look at SONARAY, and if you happen to be in the area, check out LightFair in Las Vegas.  It’s a huge lighting show, and the folks at DASCOM believe they can be a key player in the industrial lighting segment.

Stop by and let them “show you the money” that you can save with SONARAY.  The earth and your wallet will thank you!  Happy Earth Day!

For more on SONARAY, visit the brand’s website at www.sonarayled.com.

DASCOM Americas is building the Future. Can you dig it?

2014-03-21 13.57.55

If you are into the “coolness” of saving money and getting quality printing and LED lighting products, then the folks at DASCOM Americas are taking some important steps to help you along those paths.

Work recently begun on the new DASCOM Americas’ Headquarters located in the scenic and historic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

In the new building, slated to open end of Summer this year, DASCOM tells me that they will be combining the operations of administration and shipping on the printer side of the business.  This means that product management, technical support, marketing, sales, warehousing, shipping, and most vital functions of the business will be combined in one facility.  This will make it even easier and better to do business with the company.

On the LED side, SONARAY will be front and center as the company plans to bring assembly of its industrial LED lighting products to the great state of Virginia.  This should also allow the company to provide even better service since product availability should be strong and lead times lessened.

All this won’t happen overnight, but things are now well on the way to building a bright future for the community, for DASCOM, and most importantly for customers throughout the Americas.

Having a sense of community, philanthropy, and quality products are all pretty neat things to have in your future plans.

And providing the opportunity to save money is one of the coolest things of all.  Can you dig it?