Be a Light – Change the World.

light bar

DASCOM Americas just celebrated their 4 year anniversary of incorporation.  What began as a small and humble part of a much bigger company is today, well, candidly, still small and humble, but successful and full of dreams for the future.

When you talk to the people at DASCOM Americas, there is a common theme that resonates with the people.  Employees at DASCOM have passion.  They care about their customers.  They care about the quality of the products they produce.  They care about making a difference in the world that they live in today, and what legacy will be left for the world as they move forward.

If you spend time around the folks there, you’ll see that they don’t think they are better than anyone else, they just expect to have an impact different than others.  They really believe that passion is what changes the world.

Sit in a meeting where strategy is being discussed and the one thing that clearly comes to the top of the conversation is that it is not only important to “know the right thing to do,” but more importantly, “doing the right thing.”

The folks at DASCOM Americas want to offer programs and products that will make resellers money, but offer end customers a product that will pay them back and perform well in whatever environment where the customer may operate.

It’s almost fitting that DASCOM is choosing to continue with printers, but also looking to expand their business and footprint by offering LED lighting solutions.  They care about the world.  They care about savings.  They care about making a difference.

As you read this blog, do you share some of those same beliefs?  Do you want to really have an impact and change the world?  If so, it’s time to let YOUR light shine.

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