Old printer giving you frequent heartburn? Hard to find parts? Maintenance costing a lot? There is relief!

2014-04-06 10.17.37

In talking with the folks at DASCOM, they are inclined to believe that business transaction printing is a replacement business.  That is, people tend to migrate away from an older printer only after it has given the user enough pain, and or heartburn.  Maybe it is something like the inability to get parts.  Maybe the manufacturer stopped offering service or supporting the product.  Maybe the maintenance costs have become so high that it is hard to justify the expense.  Maybe the printer (such as the IBM/InfoPrint  4224/4230/4247) has been discontinued.  Or just maybe, dare we say (as you draw the connection to our picture, and OTC printers for example), maybe the manufacturer is no longer around and producing printers.

Whatever the reason for your particular point of pain, DASCOM Americas has a printer that is right to fit your business application.

One extremely successful line of products that have been aimed at the previously mentioned IBM space is the Tally 4347 i series.  These printers were developed specifically to fill that void of discontinued printers.  In addition to the outstanding capabilities of the printer, today those printers come with a great trade in rebate for the end user, making them very good at addressing the pain points while also helping to save additional money.

At a time when many manufacturers are phasing out printers, DASCOM keeps chugging along – developing and building new models.  They tell me that they do this because their type of printing is still one of the most cost-effective methods of printing in the world.

They specialize in many types of printers, but one big segment of the market is business transaction printing that involves forms.

While it may not seem glamorous, the world continues to run sometimes in a very methodical fashion.  And today, choices in the printer market are very limited for certain specific applications as they relate to forms printing.

So, if you are faced with acid indigestion over something involving your forms printing, you might want to check out DASCOM and their current promotions at www.dascomamericas.com.

DASCOM is active in markets all over the world, and I’ll bet they can find a printer that can help you feel a little less discomfort when it comes to looking for an ongoing, long-term solution.