The Perfect Replacement for your old GENICOM printer – DASCOM has the answer.

3800 updated

The folks at DASCOM Americas are continuing their efforts to offer customers great business transaction printing and attractive deals.

The above picture of a postcard they recently sent out shows details of their ongoing trade-in promotion.

While this postcard specifically addresses the GENICOM 3800 series of printers, the people at DASCOM are offering the same trade in deal on any serial impact dot matrix or line printer when you purchase a select model from DASCOM Americas.

Tally and Tally DASCOM printers from DASCOM remain some of the most cost-effective methods to print business forms.  Popular emulations (such as GENICOM) are built into certain of their printers so they become excellent choices to replace printers that have been workhorses for customers for years.

And, a lot of the staff at DASCOM Americas has previously worked for both GENICOM and Tally GENICOM so they understand both the technical nature of those specific printers and the printer industry in general.

Today it is getting harder to get maintenance agreements and spare parts on many older printers, yet serial impact dot matrix printing is still very relevant and cost-effective.  For these reasons, trade in programs like the one indicated above make a lot of common sense for customers in a variety of industries,

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What the DASCOM Americas/Printek Transaction Means to the Market


By now a lot of people have seen the news that DASCOM Americas has invested in Printek.  For those who might not be regular readers of this blog and wonder who these companies are and what this means for both DASCOM Americas and Printek, here is a brief summary.

Printek is a Michigan based manufacturer specializing in mobile and impact printers.  They’ve been in business for more than 30 years and have a rich legacy of providing very durable and rugged products to the markets they serve.

DASCOM Americas of course specializes in business transaction printing along with its newly announced SONARAY™ brand of LED Lighting.

Printek LLC will be a separate business entity that operates independently from DASCOM Americas.  And DASCOM Americas will continue to focus on its normal course of business.  So what does it mean for customers of the respective companies?  How will this benefit both parties?

First of all, the Printek product line – most particularly in mobile, will allow DASCOM to expand its product offering outside of North American geographies.  So, for global DASCOM customers it will be a very good thing since it will allow an expanded product line in select markets that today are underserved.  Details are still being sorted out, but the key takeaway is that it will mean new products in new markets down the road.

On the Printek side, Printek LLC will be able to invest more in research and development, engineering, sales, marketing and other functional areas.  They will also be able to bring to market more quickly some new products that are in the product pipeline.  The company will be managed by an experienced existing leadership team and should enjoy some operational efficiency from the deal.

Customers of both companies should expect the same quality service they’ve come to know.  Executives on both sides are quick to point out that this truly is a “win-win” for both companies.  As one stated, “Today many companies get together because they are simply trying to hold on to something that has been slipping away.  That is DEFINITELY NOT the case with this arrangement.  This is really something that will have long-lasting good effects for customers, markets and employees of both concerns.  We complement each other very well and this is a great time to be involved with either company!”

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