Building for the long term. Printers and LED Lights – DASCOM Americas.


In talking to DASCOM Americas’ staff, it is hard to believe that the company is now in its fifth year of existence.

The parent company, DASCOM holdings, based in Hong Kong, has been in the printer and business solutions industry for more than 25 years, but wasn’t so well known in the Americas’ regions until DASCOM Americas started up in April of 2010.

DASCOM has been the long time producer of Tally branded serial impact dot matrix printers, and made those printers for TallyGENICOM and Printronix, but it wasn’t until just a few short years ago that the company started marketing those printers on their own in the Americas’ regions.

Today, DASCOM Americas is poised to move into a new building where it will continue its long term commitment to industrial print technology and industrial LED lighting solutions.  The former is a mature market, but the company continues to invest in new printers and says it will continue excellent support and research with the goal of bringing new products to market and achieving the world-wide number one market share in its printer class.

On the industrial LED lighting side of the business, SONARAY is starting to gain some recognition within lighting circles.  The company continues to promote the brand, develop new products, and has plans to assemble select SONARAY lighting products from the new facility in Central Virginia.

These are exciting times for DASCOM because many companies are scaling back their efforts in printing, and looking to just hold on, but DASCOM is investing in the long term with the belief that great products and exceptional pricing and service make a difference.

Take a look at the product line of printers that DASCOM Americas offers at  If you are looking for information on industrial LED lighting solutions, visit  Either way, you’ll find brands and products committed to long term efficiency for the business market.