Thanks for a great year from DASCOM Americas


The team at DASCOM Americas has had an exciting 2014.  Of course there was moving to a new facility with headquarters at 34 Lakeview Court in Verona, Virginia, the introduction of a number of new products, the acquisition of another company, and the addition of a few new staff members.

What hasn’t changed in 2014, however, is the gratitude of the team towards customers who use and resell DASCOM products.

DASCOM Americas remains focused and committed to customer service and believes that their products and service separate them from the competition.  They continue to invest in new printers, and add enhancements to other printers, at a time when many are offering less rather than more.

DASCOM Americas would like to say thank you to each and every customer who has used their products and considered their products in 2014.  They are optimistic that the new products that will be coming, and the new programs that will be introduced in 2015 will be a good fit for what their customers need and want.

Happy Holidays from the team at DASCOM Americas.  The company remains committed to solutions and doing business the way they would like to be treated themselves.

Every Privilege Has A Purpose – DASCOM Americas combines with Lineage Architects to BUILD a Tree


In talking to the folks at DASCOM Americas, they are building something in addition to printers and LED lights these days; at least for a little while that is.

The U.S. portion of the company, located in Verona, Virginia, is teaming up with Lineage Architects (, the firm who designed their new building, to construct a tree made from non-perishable canned food items.  The tree will then be taken apart and the food donated to the Verona Community Food Pantry ( after the holiday season.

The tree will be constructed in the lobby of the company’s new building and lit with SONARAY lights.

According to a website specifically pertaining to the project, the pantry serves some 6,000-7,000 people monthly.

In talking to company representatives the feeling is that in addition to providing quality products, and making a fair profit, the business feels a real need to be a part of giving back to the local community.

One spokesman of DASCOM said he had been particularly moved by a video that he had seen about a business that had started providing clean water in Africa.  The president of that business stressed in the video that “every privilege has a purpose.”  The DASCOM spokesman added that DASCOM Americas feels especially blessed and privileged this year to have a new building, new opportunities, and most importantly, loyal customers and distributors who use and work hard in selling the company’s products.  The company also feels fortunate to be teaming up with the folks who designed their new headquarters in Verona.  He said:  “As we worked together on the building’s design, and ultimate construction, it became clear to us that we had many things in common outside of our general business relationship.  Our employees felt a common bond that almost mandated we work together to try and enact some positive change, at least on a small scale in our area.”

So, DASCOM Americas will remain committed to building and selling quality printers and LED lighting for the long term, but they will spend a little time this season in building a tree.

If you’d like to help with the project you can find out how by visiting the project website:

Because after all, “every privilege does have a purpose.”