Still pouring money into that old printer? It’s Madness I Say!


In a couple weeks we’ll hear reports that office efficiency is declining as workers become entranced in college basketball’s “March Madness.”  While that efficiency drain might be a two day event, some businesses aren’t nearly as efficient today, won’t be tomorrow, or well into the future because of something that could easily be fixed.  You see, some businesses are spending way too much money on old printers that just don’t perform the way they should. They are paying a lot for maintenance, parts, or printers that don’t fit their application and help their business run its best; And this is really madness!

DASCOM Americas is trying to limit the madness and pitfalls of poor printing by offering great trade in rebates on many of its top of the line printers right now.  The Tally T2365, T2380, 4347-i08, and 4347-i10 printers ALL come with a great $175 trade in rebate.  These printers are all designed for use in harsh environments and are known for their rugged durability and ability to handle multi-part forms and print at blazing fast speeds.  They offer a variety of interface options so you choose what works with your particular system.  Perhaps best of all is the service and support you’ll get before, during, and after the sale of the printer.  And, you’ll want to make sure and ask about the company’s “try-it, buy-it” programs if you have any doubt at all that DASCOM’s printer will fit your unique application.

So, if you are looking to score big, improve your printing, and save some money then now is a great time to talk to DASCOM or visit their website at for details on their fantastic trade in programs.

Put an end to the madness and step up your printing game with great printers from DASCOM!