The market may have turbulence; your printer should not!


If you even remotely follow the stock market, you’re probably aware of all the turbulence that has been occurring of late.  Stocks are up – stocks are down – sometimes wild swings even in the course of a day.  Yet through this turbulence, business goes on and so does your need for printing important documents.

If you print multi-part forms to keep your business moving, then the folks at DASCOM recommend you take a look at their product offering.

DASCOM offers a wide range of business transaction printers that come in all shapes, sizes, connectivity choices, and more.

Right now DASCOM Americas is featuring a great trade in rebate on select models of printers.  You simply trade in your old printer – working or not – and get up to a $175 rebate.  DASCOM Americas even picks up the cost of ground freight in the contiguous U.S. for the printer you are buying AND the old printer you are returning.

The company also offers an aggressive “try it, buy it” program that essentially lets you take a printer and run it in your application free of charge for 30 days to make sure it works the way you want.  DASCOM truly believes that your business should not miss a beat because you have the need to change your printer.

So while the folks at DASCOM can’t help you with market turbulence, they can help you maintain a steady pace when it comes to having a printer that will work hard, work for a long time, and work at an affordable price.

If you’d like more information on a printer that is right for you, contact them today at 877-434-1377 or visit them at