A Commitment to Printing at DASCOM



The folks at DASCOM take great pride in the fact that they remain sternly committed to print technology and document solutions.  While many companies are scaling back, selling off parts of their company, or just plain leaving the business, the people at DASCOM tell us they remain focused on providing total print solutions for existing and potential customers.

They say that evidence of this can be seen in new printer releases as well as in the ideas they currently plan for the future.  While remaining tight-lipped about new printers that may be on the drawing board, the company points to ventures in the mobile and thermal side of the business as well as their ongoing commitment to offering products to supplant discontinued IBM/InfoPrint branded printers.

Recently the company encouraged distributors of its product to look at select vertical markets including the court systems within various localities for the 4347-i series of printers that DASCOM markets.  The 4347-i is designed to be a close replacement for older discontinued IBM printer models including the 4224, 4230, and 4247.  Apparently many court systems use the older IBM models and are now finding the 4347-i to be a very viable option that allows newer technology when they look to replace those existing units.

In any event, DASCOM strongly underscores its ongoing research, development, and focus on printers.  While the company is highly diversified and offers other products in extremely dissimilar market spaces, the driving impetus continues to be printers and print solutions.