DASCOM has thought of a very smart way to save you money.


DASCOM Americas has come up with some very smart ways to save their customers money.  They are well known in the printer industry for producing heavy duty multi part forms printers that are exceptional choices for reporting.  For years organizations have relied on Tally printers manufactured by DASCOM to print bills of lading, shipping manifests, inventory reports, and many other complex forms.  Now the company has bundled together some bar code and graphics firmware to offer a “bundled package” that can serve to take the place of much more expensive line matrix printers in select applications.

The T2380 and 4347-i10 “Bundled Packages” from DASCOM give users added flexibility and great features including the aforementioned IGP/QMS firmware.  This firmware allows for specialized graphics printing and “beefs up” these printers by giving users the choice to migrate to a smaller, easier, less costly to purchase printer than traditional line matrix printers.

While reports may not run quite as fast as on the behemoth line matrix printers, speeds are still very good in a lot of applications.  When you couple this with the fact that many folks are printing less, the serial impact bundles seem to make a lot of sense.

Not only are the printers more cost effective to acquire and maintain, but right now, if customers trade in an old line matrix printer on the bundled packages through the end of 2016, DASCOM Americas is giving a $500 end user rebate.

This product positioning and addition of firmware is another smart idea from DASCOM and not only saves the customer in a traditional sense, but also becomes even more attractive with the rebate.

To find a DASCOM distributor in your area, just give them a call at 877.434.1377.