Welcome to Fall, Y’all….


As we celebrate (Are we celebrating?  Where did summer go?) the first day of autumn in Central Virginia, the folks at DASCOM Americas would like to remind you that even though the seasons change, some things in life never do change much.

Some of this can be good.  For example, the great deals on Tally and TallyDASCOM printers might change by promotion type, but the value clients receive is an ongoing thing. DASCOM continues its $150 end user trade-in rebate on the Tally T2365, T2380, 4347-i08, and 4347-i10.  This is an example of something not changing, but bringing real value to clients.

Another thing that doesn’t change is the way DASCOM values its clients and tries to offer industry-leading technical support and customer service.  This is all part of the value equation and the folks at DASCOM hope that people see real meaning when dealing with the company because employees really care about your issues, applications, happiness with their products, and how DASCOM printers solve your critical printing needs.

Other things do change.  For instance, maybe you aren’t printing as much and no longer need that big line printer and the high service costs you pay for annual maintenance.  In that case, it might be time to change to a serial matrix printer.  In fact, if you are using a line printer and would like to trade it in on a T2380 Bundled Package Printer, you can receive a $500 trade-in rebate if you make that change now.

So, as we look forward to a new and different season, we hold onto some things and migrate to others.

Since DASCOM Americas headquarters are located in the South, you might even hear a bit of an accent when you talk to their personable and caring employees.  Welcome to fall, y’all.  We hope you find that DASCOM Americas can help you hold on to the values you need in printing, but also help you adapt to your changing business needs with great printers, programs, and service.