Welcome to 2017 – Printers, Programs, Productivity!


At DASCOM Americas, nothing welcomes you to the New Year like value and quality.

For 2017 DASCOM Americas continues to invest in business transaction printing and offers programs to save customers money!  For instance on the Tally T2365, T2380, 4347-i08, and 4347-i10 printer models, there is a $150 trade in rebate when a customer purchases one of these units and returns any old printer.  Not only do you get a great printer with exceptional features including many connectivity options, heavy duty print heads for crisp, clear print and longevity, easy paper loading and forms handling, capacity to print up to 50,000 pages per month, and lots of other features, but you also get money back on an old unit.

DASCOM is a name that is synonymous with making you more productive by giving you the best features with low user intervention.  This means you can spend time working on other important tasks rather than constantly worrying about your printer and print jobs.

At a time when many others are scaling back on their print offerings, DASCOM continues to provide printers and programs to make you more efficient and productive.