The Place Where Great Printers Come From

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DASCOM designs, builds, and markets exceptional printers for business transaction printing from world class facilities around the globe.  Shown above are facilities in Jiangmen, China, where printers are built, but much goes into DASCOM printers before they even get into production.

DASCOM maintains research and test facilities around the globe and  engineers work diligently to design solutions for complex business print environments long before those solutions become reality.

DASCOM Americas markets this world class technology to clients in the North America and LAT geographies.  From DASCOM Americas Central Virginia location the company provides expert technical advice, product management, marketing, sales, customer service, integration, shipping, and support.  Integration is a key element of the mix because the company is able to offer custom solutions for clients straight out of the box. The company is right-sized to be large enough to handle fortune 500 companies and their printing needs, but also nimble enough to react quickly to client requests for special software or other attributes to make DASCOM printers fit well within a company’s unique infrastructure.

DASCOM has a heritage of more than 25 years in the business printing environment and DASCOM Americas makes sure those printers are actively distributed to customers who want the best in printer productivity, programs, and custom solutions.