Ribbons Discontinued for Your Old GENICOM Printer? DASCOM Has an Answer.

Some of you reading this may have recently learned that you can no longer get ribbons for your GENICOM 3860 or 3880 serial impact dot matrix printer.  Or perhaps you have customers with these GENICOM models and you find that ribbons are no longer available to service the printers for these customers.  This can obviously present a big problem because without ribbons, your GENICOM 3800 series printer can be rendered useless.

In talking with DASCOM, they believe they have a great replacement answer in the Tally T2365 that they manufacture.  Back in the day, the T2365 was introduced as the natural replacement for the GENICOM 3800 series printer by what was then the original equipment manufacturer for the 3800 series.  Over time, the company who was producing ribbons for the GENICOM 3860 and 3880 models has discontinued their production.  Since these ribbons are “keyed” or “patent protected” there is not a viable second-source replacement for the ribbons in the market.  So, with no aftermarket replacement, customers may be forced to change printers or change technology.

Since the Tally T2365 fits nicely in as a replacement for the GENICOM printer, and there is currently a trade in rebate when customers purchase a new Tally T2365 and trade in their old printer, now is a great time to trade printers to more readily available technology with an easy migration path.

The T2365 has many of the same firmware emulations and features so the transition should be relatively painless and pretty cost-effective.

For more information on the Tally T2365 as a replacement for GENICOM series printers, please contact DASCOM Americas at 877.434.1377.