If you need a new printer, DASCOM can help.

The folks over at DASCOM know that printers seem to pick the worst possible times to fail you.  It always seems like you are in a crunch to print reports or some important documentation when the dreaded printer failure occurs.

That’s why DASCOM Americas has a network of distribution channel partners throughout the Americas who are not only experienced, but poised and ready to get you back up and running.

They have products available that can, in most instances, same day ship so you aren’t left waiting and wondering when or how you will be able to get your printing back to normal operations.

DASCOM Americas also continues to invest in new printers and technology so that the company has replacements for many discontinued models of printers that will easily fit into the framework of your IT infrastructure.

DASCOM Americas also provides pre and post-sale support.  The company jumps in and helps clients and works in partnership with our distribution channel, making sure that customers get the monkey off their backs and get back up and running quickly, economically, and efficiently.

If your business depends on mission critical printing to get the job done, consider the broad line of products and expertise available today from DASCOM and its network of distribution channel partners.