If you’re using a line matrix printer, DASCOM may be able to help cut your maintenance costs.

If your printer maintenance costs are getting out of hand, the folks at DASCOM Americas can help.

Right now DASCOM heavy duty serial impact printers have a great rebate that can save you money upfront, but the units may also be able to take the place of your low end line printer so your maintenance costs should be a lot more affordable.

If you find that your print volume is not as great as it once may have been, consider the Tally T2380 from DASCOM.  It’s rated at close to 50,000 pages per month in print duty cycle.  You can enjoy exceptional forms handling, high speed printing, and excellent support at what might be the fraction of the cost of a line printer.

Contact DASCOM at 877.434.1377 to find a distributor in your area and to set up a trial run to see if the high volume T2380 or another serial impact printer might be right for your specific print needs.

You may just cut your printing costs in half!