Great deals on Select Try-It, Buy-It Printers from DASCOM


For the remainder of October, DASCOM Americas is not only offering a great Try-It, Buy-It Program (where our customers get a 30 day free trial on a qualifying printer), but also the trade in allowance has been increased.

So, for the remainder of the month on Try-It, Buy-It T2365, T2380, 4347-i08, and 4347-i10 printers, end users can get up to a $250 trade in rebate.

Contact your DASCOM Americas Distributor for complete details or give DASCOM a call at 877.434.1377.

Welcome to Fall, Y’all….


As we celebrate (Are we celebrating?  Where did summer go?) the first day of autumn in Central Virginia, the folks at DASCOM Americas would like to remind you that even though the seasons change, some things in life never do change much.

Some of this can be good.  For example, the great deals on Tally and TallyDASCOM printers might change by promotion type, but the value clients receive is an ongoing thing. DASCOM continues its $150 end user trade-in rebate on the Tally T2365, T2380, 4347-i08, and 4347-i10.  This is an example of something not changing, but bringing real value to clients.

Another thing that doesn’t change is the way DASCOM values its clients and tries to offer industry-leading technical support and customer service.  This is all part of the value equation and the folks at DASCOM hope that people see real meaning when dealing with the company because employees really care about your issues, applications, happiness with their products, and how DASCOM printers solve your critical printing needs.

Other things do change.  For instance, maybe you aren’t printing as much and no longer need that big line printer and the high service costs you pay for annual maintenance.  In that case, it might be time to change to a serial matrix printer.  In fact, if you are using a line printer and would like to trade it in on a T2380 Bundled Package Printer, you can receive a $500 trade-in rebate if you make that change now.

So, as we look forward to a new and different season, we hold onto some things and migrate to others.

Since DASCOM Americas headquarters are located in the South, you might even hear a bit of an accent when you talk to their personable and caring employees.  Welcome to fall, y’all.  We hope you find that DASCOM Americas can help you hold on to the values you need in printing, but also help you adapt to your changing business needs with great printers, programs, and service.


DASCOM has thought of a very smart way to save you money.


DASCOM Americas has come up with some very smart ways to save their customers money.  They are well known in the printer industry for producing heavy duty multi part forms printers that are exceptional choices for reporting.  For years organizations have relied on Tally printers manufactured by DASCOM to print bills of lading, shipping manifests, inventory reports, and many other complex forms.  Now the company has bundled together some bar code and graphics firmware to offer a “bundled package” that can serve to take the place of much more expensive line matrix printers in select applications.

The T2380 and 4347-i10 “Bundled Packages” from DASCOM give users added flexibility and great features including the aforementioned IGP/QMS firmware.  This firmware allows for specialized graphics printing and “beefs up” these printers by giving users the choice to migrate to a smaller, easier, less costly to purchase printer than traditional line matrix printers.

While reports may not run quite as fast as on the behemoth line matrix printers, speeds are still very good in a lot of applications.  When you couple this with the fact that many folks are printing less, the serial impact bundles seem to make a lot of sense.

Not only are the printers more cost effective to acquire and maintain, but right now, if customers trade in an old line matrix printer on the bundled packages through the end of 2016, DASCOM Americas is giving a $500 end user rebate.

This product positioning and addition of firmware is another smart idea from DASCOM and not only saves the customer in a traditional sense, but also becomes even more attractive with the rebate.

To find a DASCOM distributor in your area, just give them a call at 877.434.1377.

DASCOM Americas Announces Bundled Package with Generous Rebate to Replace Line Matrix Printers

(Verona, Virginia – June 17, 2016) DASCOM Americas, a recognized leader in business transaction document print solutions, announces a new bundled printer package designed to replace low end line matrix printers.  The “T2380 Bundle” consists of a heavy duty Tally T2380 printer, a long-life ribbon, and factory loaded QMS/IGP (Intelligent Graphics Printing) firmware that gives the printer enhanced barcoding and graphics print capability.  A second bundled version of the offering also includes a print stand for the printer.

The T2380 printer has long been note for exceptional durability, a host of connectivity options (both standard and optional), a long-life print head, and exceptional forms handling capability.  In addition, the T2380 offers intuitive features such as true “automatic” zero tear capability so there is not a lot of wasted forms for companies who print multiple reports.  This T2380 feature doesn’t require operator intervention to adjust zero tear, but the simple push of a button or pre-set parameter.

Through the end of the year, the T2380 Bundle will be sold with a $500 trade in rebate when it is purchased and a line matrix printer (working or not) is traded in along with the purchase.

According to Juan Vidaurrazaga, Vice President of Sales for DASCOM Americas: “The T2380 Bundle is an excellent choice for customers who may be looking to replace lower speed line matrix printers.  In many instances, customers are finding that parts for the line printers are hard to find, maintenance is expensive, and frankly, the volume of printing for the machines has decreased.  For all these factors, the customer can move up to newer, exceptionally-supported technology at a low acquisition cost with the T2380 Bundle.”

Lance Clark, National Sales Manager for the company adds: “The T2380 has a long history of success in many challenging environments including trucking, warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, and areas that demand tough and reliable printing.  By bundling a complete solution for customers at an attractive price, and adding in a generous rebate, we believe we create exceptional value, functionality, and a support path well into the future.”

DASCOM Americas headquarters are located approximately 2 hours south of Washington, D.C.  The company offers a wide selection of serial impact, thermal, and specialty printers marketed under the Tally® and Tally DASCOM brand.  The printers are distributed through a network of regional and national channel partners.  More information on the company can be found at

Hit one out of the park with the $150 trade in rebate from DASCOM!


As April is in full swing and baseball season has begun, the folks at DASCOM Americas want to remind you to “swing for the fences” with great savings on the T2365, T2380, 4347-i08, and 4347-i10 printers.

These are all high-end, high performance printers that can handle the toughest forms printing applications at a fraction of the cost of acquisition of a line matrix printer.

Right now each of these printers carry a $150 end-user trade-in rebate so you can get exceptional printing while also saving money if you have an older printer to trade in towards the sale.

Call DASCOM Americas at 877.434.1377 to find a participating dealer in your area.

Play ball and save big while you swing for the fences with DASCOM!


A Commitment to Printing at DASCOM



The folks at DASCOM take great pride in the fact that they remain sternly committed to print technology and document solutions.  While many companies are scaling back, selling off parts of their company, or just plain leaving the business, the people at DASCOM tell us they remain focused on providing total print solutions for existing and potential customers.

They say that evidence of this can be seen in new printer releases as well as in the ideas they currently plan for the future.  While remaining tight-lipped about new printers that may be on the drawing board, the company points to ventures in the mobile and thermal side of the business as well as their ongoing commitment to offering products to supplant discontinued IBM/InfoPrint branded printers.

Recently the company encouraged distributors of its product to look at select vertical markets including the court systems within various localities for the 4347-i series of printers that DASCOM markets.  The 4347-i is designed to be a close replacement for older discontinued IBM printer models including the 4224, 4230, and 4247.  Apparently many court systems use the older IBM models and are now finding the 4347-i to be a very viable option that allows newer technology when they look to replace those existing units.

In any event, DASCOM strongly underscores its ongoing research, development, and focus on printers.  While the company is highly diversified and offers other products in extremely dissimilar market spaces, the driving impetus continues to be printers and print solutions.

DASCOM announces new DL-210 Thermal Printer

DL-210_diagonal (00000002)

DASCOM Americas Announces New Desktop Thermal Printer

DL-210 offers exceptional value and host of features

 (Verona, Virginia – February 9, 2016) DASCOM Americas, a recognized leader in business transaction document print solutions, today announced a new desktop thermal printer designed to bring exceptional features at a value price point.  The easy-to-use, aesthetically appealing printer will offer an array of standard and optional features that one might expect to find only on much more expensive printers.

The DL-210 provides thermal transfer and direct thermal printing at speeds up to 6 inches per second at a 203 dots per inch (dpi) print density.

The printer comes with USB interface as standard, but also offers a host of connectivity options.  These include Serial, Parallel, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.

Media handling also allows for a great degree of flexibility since the unit will accept either roll or fold paper, and media cut can be achieved through either tear bar or auto-cutter or peeler options.

According to Juan Vidaurrazaga, Vice President of Sales for DASCOM Americas: “The DL-210 is a solid addition to the DASCOM family of printers.  Users will enjoy great versatility with this model since its open architecture allows easy operation and simplicity to change the paper roll or ribbon.  Customers will also have the ability to easily switch between some of the most popular barcode printer emulations including ZPL and EPL, and TSC programming and label formats.”  He adds: “The unit also comes with a very large media compartment capable of handling ribbon as long as 300 meters(980 feet) or paper rolls with a maximum outside diameter of 12.7 centimeters (5 inches) so user intervention is less frequent, and overall operation more efficient.”

The DL-210 will be distributed through a network of regional and national channel partners of DASCOM beginning February 9th.

DASCOM Americas headquarters are located approximately 2 hours south of Washington, D.C.  The company offers a wide selection of serial impact, thermal, and specialty printers marketed under the Tally® and Tally DASCOM brand.